About Christina

ChristinaMy Qualifications: I am experienced in all the modalities listed and in shamanic healing techniques such as extraction, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, divination, and help in death and dying. Reference Point Therapy works by identifying the underlying point, which holds the entire trauma in place. One of the key insights of Reference Point Therapy is that the traumatic events that lead people to healing or therapy (such as abuse, car accidents, etc), are NEVER the original reference point.  I work to change the energy to change and heal the underlying vulnerability. More detailed explanations upon request. I am a Member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and a Clergy member of the Universal Life church.

I have been doing Psychic healing and divination since the age of 15. I am of African and Irish descent and as such have been taught in practices that relate to both those cultures plus the Western Cultures. Psychic work can often pin point issues of past life manifestations in this life which can be cleared so they do not present issues that cause us to be ill or unclear about our path in this life.

If you feel I can be of use to you please use the contact box to get in touch and read the intake form. You will be able to describe the ways in which you feel we could work together.