Psychic Healing

Types of Psychic Power

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly, and the ability to see beyond the five senses. It can be termed a “sixth” sense, or an intuitive knowing. It deals with images – archetypal images – as well as colors. A clairvoyant reader is someone who is able to see auras, and to detect problem areas within the Seeker’s aura.

What can you expect from a clairvoyant psychic reading? First and foremost, you can expect an insightful reading, one that will bring you clarity, as well as life direction. You will also pinpoint opportunities for becoming an informed co-creator of your own life.

Your reader will help you to define and set goals, brainstorm actions that you can take to meet those goals, define what brings your heart its greatest joy, and bring peace and serenity into your life.

A clairvoyant reader does this in a very special way. Their psychic gift is that of seeing beyond the five senses, through what is termed the “Third Eye” … of aligning themselves with their intuitive abilities. The chakra that is involved with this process is the sixth, or “brow” chakra. Clairvoyant readers see images connected with the Seeker, and interpret their meaning. Clairvoyants access the right side of the brain in their work … the side of the brain that houses creativity and intuition. They will use this gift to look at the causes behind your present circumstances, to see how specific people and situations in your current life are affecting you, and to note the future outcome, were you to take no action.

What answers are you looking for? Do you want to know why you seem to be blocked in that promotion at work? Do you want to know why your relationship, which seemed so perfect, took a sudden turn for the worse? Do you want to know whether a move would be beneficial for you or not? Your clairvoyant psychic reading will address all of this … and more!

Clairaudience: Clairaudience, or “clear hearing”, is the ability to receive messages from spirit in an auditory form. We all do this from time to time without realizing it – every time we listen to that “little voice” in the back of our head! Messages can come from our Spirit Guides, from loved ones that have crossed over, from the Angelic realm or from disincarnate entities. The messages that you receive are there to help your spiritual growth, as well as to help you define and walk your path for this lifetime.

Clairaudient readings can connect you with those who have crossed over, with your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, and with your Angels. Your clairaudient psychic reader can help you to connect with family members and loved ones who have crossed over, helping to bring about a sense of peace and closure, or even allowing continued conversations with them.

You can also ask questions of your Spirit Guides or the Angelic realm. Through them, you can learn how to release your negative emotions, align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies, and bring balance to your life.

It is important in this type of reading to validate the information that you are receiving in some manner.

Clairsentience: Clairsentience (clear feeling) is the ability to feel, to touch, to experience heightened sensations. Some people may view this as a form of clairvoyance, in that the sensations of smell, touch, taste and emotions can all be heightened. For many people, the emotional component will be very strong.

Clairsentience is a tool that we can access easily in our everyday life, and one that we need to pay attention to. This is your “gut feeling”, and can both keep you out of trouble (i.e. when you get a feeling that you should not take a specific flight, or get on a specific elevator, only to later find out that there was a tragedy with many injuries), and open you up to new opportunities (i.e. You stop for coffee at a place you have never been before, and meet someone who knows of a wonderful job opportunity, or perhaps the perfect school for your child).

Your clairsentient reading will bring you information from multiple sources. Your psychic reader can help you to understand how you feel about the people and issues in your life – and it may not be what you think! An important part of understanding your emotions is that you will be able to make informed decisions, and feel more comfortable taking action on them.