Reference Point Therapy

How does Reference Point Therapy work?

Reference Point Therapy is elegant in its grace and simplicity. It works on many levels. It is not necessary to understand how or why it work in order to get the full benefit of the therapy.

Reference Point Therapy works by identifying the underlying point which holds all the trauma in place. One of the key insights of Reference Point Therapy is that the traumatic events which lead people to healing or therapy (such as abuse, car accidents, etc), are NEVER the original reference point. That is why we know so many people who have had years of counselling over an abuse and are not completely healed. There was a vulnerability that came FIRST and which on some level made the person vulnerable to the abuse. We don’t heal the abuse, we heal the underlying vulnerability.

This explains why we’ve been able to heal people in one session who have failed to get results from 10 or more years of traditional therapy. At a high level the reasons why Reference Point Therapy is so much more effective than most other therapies are because

  • The client’s blocks (trauma / patterns / disease) are traced back to the very earliest point. Once the client “sees” where their patterns come from, the healing happens almost by itself – the knowingness alone creates a huge shift in consciousness;
  • The practitioner can greatly facilitate the process by intuitively being at one with the client and “seeing” the underlying block for them. This is very effective when the client can’t see it for themself. The therapist can clear it without the client needing to feel it. This is one of the key distinctions between Reference Point Therapy and NLP’s Time Line Therapy (which is generally quite hard work for the client as they need to feel the trauma themselves); and Reference Point Therapy is fast, gentle on the client and easy to learn.

Reference Point Therapy is science

It is important to know that Reference Point Therapy is based on science. It is not a “New Age” energy technique. (We have nothing against “New Age” techniques by the way, but this is something different.) Reference Point Therapy is based on breakthrough psychological research (such as McFetridge’s PhD thesis) as well as the science of consciousness (as described in books such as Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot and the 2005 movie What The Bleep?).

When people say to us “I don’t believe in that sort of thing”, we retort “That’s OK. Gravity doesn’t mind whether you believe in it or not, but please don’t jump off the roof! Reference Point Therapy, like gravity, is based on the universal laws (physical and metaphysical). It works, like gravity, whether you believe in it or not!

What can Reference Point Therapy do?

Reference Point Therapy is the fastest and easiest way to clear deep patterns, blocks and trauma. You can apply this to just about every area of your life. Here are some examples.

At the bottom of this page is a video demonstrating an instant physical healing.

Emotional healing

The shortest and simplest answer is that RPT is the easiest way to clear deem emotional pain, trauma and patterns. This means that first of all, we can powerfully change just about any emotional block using this work. You may already have seen lots of other techniques for clearing emotional blocks, so the simplest thing I can say is that we go deeper, much deeper. This technique works – often instantly – because we truly get to the deepest layer of our stuff. To use a simple but powerful visual metaphor – most techniques “peel away layers of the onion”, we jump straight in and slice the onion up!

Clearing emotional pain and suffering, including depression, low self worth, phobias, and all other emotional blocks, is simple and effective with this work.

Physical healing

Whilst we cannot promise you a “cure-all”, we can tell you that we’ve had amazing results, including complete healing of conditions considered “incurable”. Simon has had clients whose tumours disappeared overnight for instance. We’ve had clients with Multiple Sclerosis whose nerves re- myolinated (ie their nervous system healed itself). We have seen hundreds of miraculous healings. What we find is that most, but perhaps not all, physical diseases are caused by deeply held emotional pain and trauma. When we release the trauma, the body heals itself rapidly.

Some physical conditions are not caused by emotional trauma. In these cases emotional healing still speeds up the recovery process and is still recommended.

Reference Point Therapy is a complementary healing technique. It is not a substitute for the care of a properly qualified physician or naturopathic doctor (as the case requires). In all cases of serious medical conditions (such as cancer) we insist that our clients remain under their doctor’s care and receive regular scans to verify the success of the healing.

If you are unsure whether emotionally based healing would benefit you please contact us to discuss your condition.

Spiritual healings

Breakthrough new research has shown that it is emotional trauma that holds people back from higher spiritual states such as enlightenment. For instance, Grant McFetridge’s PhD thesis showed that it is usually trauma at conception and in the womb that holds people back from achieving feelings of inner peace, bliss and silencing their mind.

We use our emotional healing tools to clear the blocks that people have to opening their intuition, finding their life purpose and achieving higher states of consciousness. Reference Point Therapy is an extraordinarily fast process to create spiritual growth and change.

To learn more about Simon Rose, the developer of this technique, please click here